You Are More Than Enough.

    Do you really believe that you are enough? Do you ever doubt your worth, capability and impact? Or perhaps you have allowed the voices of others to drown out the voice of truth, and allowed people to define you and diminish your confidence?

    The truth of the matter is that you are enough - more than enough. Whoever you are - you are enough; wherever you are - is enough; whatever you are doing - is enough; and whatever you have - is enough. Confidently walk in the truth because you lack nothing (Psalm 23).

    You are enough because God made you enough. You were perfectly created and prepared for such a time as this, by the God who makes no errors, wastes none of His efforts, and who never fails. He is victorious in all He does, and His work is the epitome of perfection and requires no addition or intervention.

    The smallest insect, blade of grass, the stars in the sky and the falling raindrops are all beautifully and perfectly purposed, positioned and provided to profoundly serve God and the world. All of creation is enough. We are all enough.

    So don't underestimate your worth and second guess yourself by looking to the world to validate your significance and uniqueness. Irrespective of what others comprehend, think or say - you are good enough; powerful enough; smart enough; courageous enough; confident enough and strong enough to stand - even when you stand alone. God made you enough.

    You require no worldly comparison or verification. Your worth is not less than anyone else's, your beauty is not less radiant, and your platform is not less powerful. You were prefectly created and you are more than enough for every challenge, circumstance, opportunity, and each new day. 

    You are God's purposeful and beautiful gift to this world, but only when you believe this truth can you powerfully witness it and walk in the depth of the beauty and grace He has bestowed upon you. Trust that God made you enough, and walk in the steadfast confidence that all you do and all you are serves divine and profound purposes.


    I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

    Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

    Psalm 139: 14



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