Whose Image Do You Walk In?

    We were created by God in His image, but we must ask ourselves "whose image do we actually walk in"? Whose face do we see in the mirror?

    Asking ourselves this is necessary to build consciousness, as it takes courage to walk in the loving image of God who loves consistently and constantly without exception. It also helps to bring awareness to the purpose of our existence as only by walking in the image of God can we fulfill it - our purpose is to extend God's love. However, if we have never seen the One whose image we were created in then how can we possibly walk in His image and love like Him?

    It is impossible to be a reflection of a God we do not see, recognize and intimately know Him.

    Many have never encountered the presence of God, and most with great efforts dwell in a place of hearing about God or following traditions but have never truly sought Him out. However, God is not hard to find should we seek Him, as He desires to be found. He tells us "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart" Jeremiah 29:13.

    God tells us it is impossible to please Him without faith, and one of the very reasons for this is that because faith is the very currency that allows us to come into a true relationship with God to communion with Him through our trust and surrender for Him to reveal Himself that we may be enlightened of who He truly is, how He works and be the vessel that He created us to work in and through.

    To truly walk in faith requires walking in the image of God. For God is a God that trusts and it calls us to explicitly trust Him by doing His will even when we don't understand it, it takes us out of our comfort zone, and if it costs us everything.

    To truly be faithful to God and to walk in faith then we must forgive. We must forgive everyone -every singly time as there are not exceptions and it is this type of faith that reflects the image of God. Should we refuse to forgive, then we refuse to be an offering of His great and unconditional love and we turn from a relationship with Him where we unify with God and His heart and will.

    Faith allows God to freely reveal and manifest Himself in us and through, as through our submission to Him we become empty vessels for Him to flow through and reach the world around us.  

    When we look in the mirror we should see the face of God looking back at us, for we are His disciples and by His grace we walk in His ways and become an offering of His compassion, love, peace, mercy, hope, forgiveness and truth.  

    If we don't like the image that we see in the mirror, as our hearts may have grown cold and hard from years or hurt and unforgiveness, but even then we can come to a God and ask Him to heal and cleanse us so that we might recieve His love to the overflow. God is willing and able to release us of everything that would distort His image in our lives.

    May God direct your every step and when you look in the mirror may you see the image of Christ as your reflection that reveals the heart of God as you walk in His love and peace.


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