When Your Strength Is Not Enough

    Sometimes it takes getting to a place of complete exhaustion where we have no more strength left, to realize that we were never created to walk this life alone and in our own strength for we simply are not strong enough; and we have a God that desires to walk with us and who battles victoriously for us.

    God tells us "not by might, nor by power but by His strength" (Zech4:6) 

    God did not create us and then abandon us, but He gave us His Spirit to dwell within us to guide, strengthen and lead us. His Spirit of Wisdom and Truth to teach us all that we need to know and to discern right from wrong. His Spirit to revive and carry us through every encounter and great purpose that we are to fulfill on this earth. He says that we only need be still and He Himself will battle for us and bring us to His victory. 

    Our strength alone will never be enough, and it usually leads us to a place where we end up being ruled and controlled by emotions, human reasoning and best efforts that often fail us and confines us from moving beyond the limitations and demands of this world to walk powerfully in the realm where God's presence moves and uses us for His greater good.

    In the Spirit of God is where we find our rest, is where we gain the muscles of grace that strengthen us to live beyond our emotions, understanding and human strength and do not easily tire.  We move beyond a self-centred life focused on protecting and projecting ourselves, for we are now dependant on God and stand steadfast and centred in Christ and live for His glory.

    Exhaustion and emotions hold us captive in fear that restrains us from scaling the very mountain tops that we were created to conquer and live on top of, as it usually causes us to give up and abandon our mission as we are too tired, lonely and hopeless to go any further. 

    God tells us that we are "more than conquerors" because there is nothing on this earth that should suppress us (Romans 8:31-39). There is no fear or mission too great for us when we walk in God's strength and allow His Spirit to abound within us to carry us through our every move.

    No person or circumstance can constrain a child of God when we allow God full authority over our lives so that His Spirit freely moves in and through us to use every moment of our lives to teach, strengthen and prepare us for our next step.

    So stop working so hard and instead courageously enter the glorious rest of God, where you surrender and trust the God of Wonder with the reigns of your life to revive and steer you in the life He created you to live.

    Where human strength ends God's begins.  

    It's not hard to enter God's rest, for He says to simply ask and we shall receive (Matthew 7:7-18). 

    The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still. Exodus 14:4


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