What You Do In The Morning Matters.

    The first thing we do in the morning matters.  The first thing we look at, think, say and do shapes our perspective and expectations of the day. Our very first thoughts, words, and actions have the power to elevate or diminish our day, as they steer our focus, feed our energy, and pave the ground we walk.

    The mindset that we start our day with is a pretty good indicator of the disposition we will walk with throughout our day.

    Each new day is individually packaged with distinct lessons, depth of beauty, and purpose that awaits our contribution. However, we must be willing to seek out these great teachers and treasures experienced in the diversity of each day's challenges and opportunities.

    Thoughts, words, and actions validate what we value, believe and influence how we show up and participate in life. 

    We need to be aware of how we greet each day. What are the first things we seek, think, say and do when we wake? Do we consciously welcome and embrace each day by offering ourselves to it, or do we resist and reject it? Do we wake up dreading our day and thinking of everything we lack, or are we thankful for all we have and the blessing of the new day that God has gifted us? Have we already confined today to a predetermined outcome without even getting out of bed?

    When we view life through the eyes of optimism, we position ourselves to witness life's beauty and see the silver lining in every cloud.


    What we exalt in our heart and mind shapes our view of ourselves and how we project ourselves to the world. Whatever we set our eyes on and meditate on directs our narrative; fills our heart and mind, forms our attitude, guides our decisions and interactions, and creates the space that we live in. We are the only ones who can invite truth, love, gratitude, peace, joy, and humility to be our guiding force, or summon negativity, pride, greed, defeat, bitterness, and regret to accompany us.

    We always have an opportunity to be a light amid the darkness.

    While we may not be able to change others or our physical conditions, what we think, do and say situates us either to live encouraged or discouraged despite our circumstances. For even in life's messiest, most difficult, and painful times there is still so much for us to give and receive, as we are always in control of our thoughts, words, and actions and remain accountable for how we respond.

    Respond to life with a smile. Right now before you do anything else - just smile :).


    A smile is an expression of positivity, pleasure, joy, and happiness. By consciously placing a smile on your face you direct your energy toward happiness, and your countenance becomes peaceful. Your smile refreshes you and centres you with joyful feelings. Smile often, as it's almost impossible to be negative when you are smiling.


    Let's not tarnish each new day by fearing it or looking at it through a negative filter, but instead let's optimistically look forward to each day's purpose and breadth of possibilities. Let's be intentional in heeding our thoughts, words, and actions first thing in the morning (and continually throughout our day) on what is true, good, and positive. Let's get out of bed eager to offer ourselves to the beauty and mystery of each new day.

    May you wake each morning with a heart of gratitude, a spirit of joy, a sense of curiousity, and a positive outlook. May you never constrain the wonder of today to assumptions and past experiences, but permit the miracle of each new day the freedom to reveal itself and surprise you with what it beholds. And finally, may you never lose sight of the fact that some days will bring storms but rainbows only appear after the rain, and a rainbow's radiance is only seen by those who seek it. Smile often.


    This is the day the Lord has made. 

    We will rejoice and be glad in it.

    Psalm 118:24

















    Kathy-Ann Boodoo says (Apr 16, 2020):

    You write with deep thought and passion. Loved it.

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