Time for Change

    Change starts with the courage to be vulnerable enough to recognize your need for change. It begins with the recognition, acknowledgment and acceptance that things could be better if done differently.  

    Change is born in humility and through the admission that maybe you haven't done things the right way, you don't know everything and a need for help.  

    Change is fruitful when there is an honest desire to learn and be led to the correct and/or new path, as requires letting go of comfort and familiarity to courageously progress in the newness and unfamiliar terrain.

    Change is successful when we empty and release ourselves from old thinking and ways in complete surrender and submission to the new being taught. And we don't resist the new but apply it, otherwise you fall into the trap of not really changing at all but just disguising old ways and thinking.

    It's time for change, for there is never a time in our life where we should remain exactly the same, or we lose the opportunity of to receive the greater breadth of life experiences and expressions. A new path awaits you.



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