The World Needs You

    Believe it or not, the world needs you. You were created in purpose, on purpose and for purpose.

    Have the courage to be you as the world needs and awaits you. So you can stop looking for purpose for your being is your purpose, and your work on this earth will never be done until you exist to be person you were created to be. Your existence is your purpose and the world needs you now more than ever. 

    God created you on purpose as He looked out into His world and knew exactly what role you would play in it. You specifically have this role to play, as He created you uniquely, powerfully, and specifically for it. This is a role that He did not assign or ordain for anyone else to do in the way that He has placed you in the world to do it.

    You are not responsible for doing anyone else's work or fulfilling their role in society - only your own. And the world awaits you, awaits you to courageously be you even in the mistakes that you will make along the way, as the world will watch you, help you, learn from you and applaud you when you rise again. 

    Never waste time comparing yourself to others or desiring what they have for envy is just a time waster and fruitless distraction being used against you to bombard your mind with demeaning and destructive thoughts to steer you in the wrong direction and prevent you from appreciating and fulfilling our role.  Envy robs your heart of gratitude, truth and joy.

    Wherever you are right now and whatever you are doing, whether it is in doing big things or small things, routine things or new adventures and overwhelming risk-taking things - it is all valued the same by God and the world needs you to step out in that particular way to accomplish the task of God's masterpiece. You have been predestined for each time and place that you are called to walk and live, and what you do greatly matters.  

    You have been prepared and are equipped for this and you can do it. Take value in yourself and everything you do as it is for the glory of the God who created you, so do it with excellence. God makes no mistakes, His immortal wisdom is never misguided, and He never second-guesses Himself so when He chose you to carry the torch and run this leg of the race - He divinely and flawlessly made the best decision as He knew it would end in the victory that glorifies and radiates Him.

    Everything and everyone matters to God. There are no loving tasks that He looks at as more or less important in this world. When He calls you to His will, then it is His will for it to be done and you are enough to do it.

    Someone in front of a crowd is no more important than someone who works for one, for He is the God and Father who loves and cares for all of His children and creation individually, so much so that He leaves the 99 for just the 1, and rejoices in that 1 (Luke15:4). The heart and needs of 1 is no less significant to God than those of a million. After all, when God created you His concern at that moment was only about you and what He needed to do in you and through you, and He has orchestrated this world to care for each 1 as such.

    The world awaits you, so don't look to the right or the left and worry about what anyone else is doing or occupy yourself with their stories of success or failures, as you are here to only walk courageously your path and do exactly what God has called you to.

    You were created to be you, for you are the answer to someone's prayer, the solution to problems, the sun to brighten days, and your example will bring the hope, peace and love to empower others to courageously get up and try again for they will know it is possible. 

    Courageously be you - for the world needs exactly who you were created to be - no one else. 




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