Receive The Present.

    What if you aren't waiting on anything? What if you are already in possession of the greatest present you will ever receive - is the "present"? 

    What if the best life has to offer is in the here and now - the present, and nothing more beautiful is to come then the place where you currently stand and who you stand with? What if you are holding off for better days that will never come as the best is here, and awaits your embrace to fully materialize and be experienced?

    What if you no longer hold off on living until you receive what you think is a more perfect present? What if the only way to uncover and receive today's reward is to courageously revel in its imperfection and graciously live in its presence?

    What if everything you are waiting to give to tomorrow you instead give to today? What if you lived today as if only today matters and is enough? What if you believed that today's precious present has been generously given and tomorrow is not promised? What if tomorrow never comes? 

    Can you consider that the only thing stopping you from seeing and experiencing the depth of beauty beheld in the here and now - is where you choose to place your focus and profoundly give your presence to? 

    Each day given is a precious present; perfectly purposed by God. It's time to live today in gratitude to receive and fully unwrap the present of today so that its joy can fully materialize. 

    The present is the present, but your presence is required to receive the present of the present.





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