Ordained By God.

    Most have heard the term ordination before, and felt this was a formal ceremony of appointment only for priests or those in royal and highly esteemed positions. However, while this is true for what is done in this world, each of us have already been divinely ordained in the holy ceremony of creation. 

    The holiest and most powerful ordination was creation, a sacred ceremony facilitated by God, giving perfect witness to His majesty, glorious grace and victorious plans. 

    All of God's creation has been ordained by Him. Appointed and anointed for His divine will to be done in and through.  Each assigned a divine platform and purposeful ministry to represent Him in this world and reveal with their existence His radiant beauty and love.

    Each person predetermined and blessed with the grace to be who God created them to be; further proven by the fact that none of us have had a hand in the family we are born into and who our biological parents are. No one exists because of their own doing, and none can control the gender, race, or physicality they come into the world with.

    Each of us individually and uniquely, chosen, designed, and identified by God to be who He purposed us to be in response to the needs of the world, and every prayer that would ever be prayed. Each life testifying to His omnipresence.

    Everything and everyone thoughtfully put into motion by God, and appointed to fully give of themselves in their respective role and place. All appropriated as missionaries to participate in God's creation story, and each connected purposefully to each other and every moment in time. 

    Creation specifically and perfectly ordained for an appointed time, place and an unchangeable destiny to triumphantly bring God's will to pass in the earth He created. 

    Each of us designated in roles as mother, father, husband, wife, sister, brother, neighbour, worker, student, friend, etc, to serve and prosper in their assignment. And no one else can more purposefully, powerfully or perfectly fulfill the assignment you are anointed for, nor is anyone else more accountable to fulfill it.



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