If You Look Up What Will You See?

    What will you see in each moment if you take your eyes off of the world, the situation, and person before you and look up to see what God is doing and how He is guiding you? 

    How would you live your life if you looked to God to direct you instead of relying on logic, emotions, and opinions? Would your attitude and choices change if your focus was no longer on you - your joys, hurts, wants, and ambitions, but on others instead? Would you show up differently and perhaps be far less envious, fearful, and cynical, and be far more patient, generous, and peaceful? 

    God purposefully created us in His image to glorify Him - not ourselves.  But do we truly know what the image of God looks like to effectively bear witness to the essence of who He is? Do we know His heart and the unconditional love that He has for us and asks us to extend looks like? In the middle, of discomfort, disappointment, and personal pursuit do we regard or even care what God's image is, or is our ego more concerned in protecting and exalting our image? 

    What would happen if we put aside our pride, ambitions, and reactions and sought God's heart, will, and grace instead? How would our thoughts, actions and relationships be different if God was at the centre of them and glorified through them? Would unconditional love and compassion be our guide and would we be far more empathetic, forgiving, and joyful? 

    Humans divinely destined for the glory of God, as stewards of the earth to visibly and physically revere, reflect, and radiate His righteousness and love through every interaction and transaction - regardless of the cost. Created beings to testify and proclaim God's truth, goodness and glory through the fullness of their lives, for we hav been purposefully connected to every person and event to generously offer peace and hope so that God who is love is seen and experienced through us. However, the only image that we are capable of seeing and emitting when our eyes are fixated on personal desires, thoughts, and shortcomings - is our own. Thus, losing the beauty and power of selflessness and servanthood and reducing ourselves to self-serving, self-centred, and self-directed selfish individuals. 

    Look up and see the face of love, whose will is always for us to love for God is the purity, goodness, truth, and entirety of all that is love for He is love - unconditional and victorious agape love (1 John 4:7-21). Look up - amid adversity, uncertainty, anxiety, and despair to see the face of hope and wisdom reassuring you that He has a victorious purpose and plan in motion for every moment and aspect of your life. Look up - in the pain of injustice or heat of an argument to see the merciful heart of compassion instructing you to extend His love by forgiving, as He generously pours out His grace for you to do so. Look up - in the middle of heartbreak and sorrow to see God's healing hands of love graciously outstretched with peace that only He can provide. Look up - when doubt, deceit, discouragement, and darkness lurks to see the illuminating light of God's truth where He provides the grace to persevere and conquer. And look up at all times to praise God and give Him thanks. (Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 8:28; John 14:27; Philippians 4:7)

    Look up to the God who is far greater than problems and mightier than any adversary; Almighty God your faithful Father, victorious refuge, unyielding strength, ever-present help, and peaceful rest who is worthy of all praise (Psalm 46:1).  Look up to receive God's grace.



    They looked unto Him,

    and were lightened:

    and their faces were not ashamed.

    Psalm 34:5











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