Hebrews 11:6 tells us that it is our faith that pleases God and without faith, it is impossible to please Him. This testifies to the truth and depth of God's goodness and love for His children, and how He chooses to relate and interact with His kin.

    Faith is how God the Eternal Father chooses to lead and look after His own. Children not created to be independent from their Father, as distant and impersonal subjects far removed, but beloved children destined to be united with, guided by, and cared for by their faithful Father.

    God desires a unique and authentic relationship with each of His children. A personal relationship whereby through faith they connect and bond. A life-long relationship that no child is forced into but freely chooses, draws into and resides in not by their merit but by His. A profound and faith-filled relationship founded on love, choice, and trust, where Father and child fellowship and unite. Where child is not forced into a relationship but through faith that they say "yes' To God and respond to His love and His invitation to a life-long relationship where the child unites and abides with God their Father.

    God generously designed faith as the sacred platform to manifest His glory and reveal Himself to be encountered as Father, Son, Spirit, the Great I Am, and Sovereign Authority who victoriously reigns. And only when we live by faith are we able to heed and honour the whispers of His wisdom, will and truth, and serve Him.

    It is by faith that we live beyond worldly and self-dependence, satisfaction, understanding and limitation as we surrender ourselves and submit to God's will. Our faith invites God to work in and through us; to move in our lives without boundaries or conditions as it removes us from the center and exalts Him instead. And only by faith can we enter and dwell in God's presence where He liberates and enables us to truly know, revere, and trust Him.

    Through faith, we experience and glorify God as we receive from His abundant hand of provision, beheld in the power and bounty of His grace and the mystery of His sovereign majesty. And by faith we commit to serve and honour God and to live a life under His authority and in submission to His will.

    Through faith, God directs and empowers us to become faith-filled stewards of His loving heart. This pleases God.


      For we live by faith, not by sight. 

    2 Corinthians 5:7






















    Jenny R says (May 15, 2020):

    Nice explanation of what faith is as often misconstrue as something that we have or don’t have, and only some can attain. Also helps us to realize that even our faith is in the hands of God and not independent from Him. Thank you.

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