Face Forward

    Don't look back because life is not taking you that way. Set your eyes on what's before you regardless of how tempting looking back is. 

    Your call in life will always be progressive and project you forward if you are willing to answer it. Looking back only holds you back.

    Face forward to the horizon of your future.

    It is tempting to look back when we find ourselves less than content with what the present moment offers and we stand in the uncertaintry of our future. But we were created to walk this life by faith and not by sight so don't let your focus be on yesterday but courageously on today. The unknown glory of every tomorrow holds greener and greater pastures for you.

    Many of us fought to get out of the fields of yesterday as they did not satisfy us and for many it created great hurt and unrest, and yet there is something about the familiarity that keeps us tied to the small thinking and navigating today in similar ways. We overlook that we serve the Almighty God who says that He tells us not to call to mind the former things, for we are a new creation in Christ. However, at times we struggle to walk in this truth as we wrestle with God and our future to remain in our good old days and ways (Isaiah43:18-20; 2 Corinthians 5:17).

    We can't afford to measure our success, how good life is or the capability and faithfulness of  God based on emotions, opinions or the weather, for even in the storms of life God moves and blesses us. For the storms of life hold the training ground and pruning that prepares us for greater feats that require us to live beyond our smallness, brokenness, and yesterday's intellect to accomplish the greater purposes of tomorrow that God has for us.

    Looking back is simply a distraction that gets us stuck. Stuck in regret, stuck in guilt, stuck in shame, stuck in fear, stuck in doubt, and it plants our feet in where we have already been instead of freeing us to move forward.

    In Genesis 19, Lot and his family are escaping Sodom, and God directed them not to look back but to walk forward into the future land that He was providing. All of the family obeyed and escaped, except for Lot's wife who was consumed by looking back at the past and turned into a pillar of salt. I wonder how often we are also consumed by our past, and become powerless to our future of great destiny.

    Don't make the mistake of being so stuck in your yesterday that you never live in your today or receive your tomorrow. Yesterday ended where today began, and your past is to remain behind you as you walk forward in the horizon of the present that brings life to the hope of the newness and beauty of future possibilities.



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