Close The Chapter.

    Don't attempt to reopen or redo a chapter of your life that God concluded. We are not called to continuously relive yesterday, but to dwell in the newness of today. In Isaiah 43:19, God declares that He is doing a "new thing" in our life and He summons us to "see" it.

    This "new thing" is taking place in the here and now, but we can't live in it until we perceive it. This means that God has done all He desired and needed to do to bring the new dawn to us, but we must be willing to see, accept and walk in the "new thing" or we miss out on it.

    We must let yesterday end to freely live in the depth of the "new beginning and new thing" taking place today. We must do away with prideful attempts to re-write chapters of our life in the hopes of a more pleasing outcome that omits hurts, mistakes, and regrets. And we must embrace each chapter's distinct and divine purpose that manifests through trials and triumphant, and regard each as a prelude and preparation to the next profound stage of life's mysterious and majestic journey. Each chapter is an opportunity to evolve as you experience life in a new way.

    We need to trust that when God starts a new chapter that He has left no page unturned, and everything required of the last segment was perfectly accomplished according to His glorious will. For only by our submission to God's higher authority and plans are we convicted to live in truth - that everything that occurs in our life is used for God's greater good and victorious purpose (Romans 8:28). Therefore, let us receive each new chapter with the confidence that life is perfectly designed to advance us to the next level, as it is only in our evolution that we become a new and greater service to God and His world.

    God carefully crafted and blessed each new day long before He placed us on the earth, as we are characters called to serve in His creation story. He has written a divine script for each plot of life, and carefully wove it together with His intricate words of profound love and wisdom that brings forward victorious ends and new beginnings (Genesis 1). 

    Let us embrace every chapter by fixing our eyes on Him and what He lays before us (Hebrews 12:2). May God grant us the humility to exalt Him and submit to the moral of His story (Revelation 22:13). And may God give us the grace to walk in steadfast faith wherever He leads so that we draw into the "new thing" and intimately encounter His presence that heals, develops and transforms our heart, mind, and soul. 

    May you courageously walk the unfamiliar terrain of the new chapters in your life so you may powerfully become more and generously give more of yourself.


    Have I not commanded you?

    Be strong and courageous.

    Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,

    for the LORD your God will be with you

    wherever you go. 
    Joshua 1:9





    roxanne says (Jan 30, 2020):

    awesome words ... keep open.....life is change, we are life, so naturally we must follow new roads to keep our spirit open growth. yes to closing finished chapters! Thank you for your words!


    Maria Torres says (Jan 30, 2020):

    There is a chapter that I definitely needed to close. Freedom is in the new beginnings of the new chapter. Thank you for the post.


    Lisa says (Jan 30, 2020):

    Good insight in letting go of the past with peace and making room for the present.

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