Choose to Accept

    The movies were named "Mission Impossible", rightfully so as the person in them was tasked each time with highly outrageous and dangerous assignments seemingly beyond human possibility and accomplishment. 

    Similarly, the divine mission, God commissioned you to is impossible for you to complete in your own strength and wisdom, for only in and with the presence of God does it become possible. This is a testament to the power at work within us and life we were designed to walk that has no limits, for God tells us not to live in our strength, might or power, but by His Spirit (Zechariah 4:6; Romans8:11).

    And as the movie says, you have a mission and "it is up to you to courageously choose/decide to accept it", as is the life that God created you for. It is completely your free-choice to accept and submit to it, for God will never force you to it and no one can do it for you.

    Every breath you take is given by God with great purpose; and as long as you are on the earth you have purpose. But mission and purpose are two different things, as our ultimate purpose as God's created beings is the same for us all for purpose and our overall goal and guiding principal. Our collective purpose is to exist to reflect the sacred image and beauty of God to extend His love to this world, as we are His vessels for His love to flow in and through.

    However, mission is specific to each individual, as it is the unique assignments that God ordained for each to fulfill in every area of their life as they walk in their multi-role, as mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, daughter, son, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, doctor, missionary, teacher, principal, writer, baker, actor, cashier, etc.

    Only God knows what type of father, husband, daughter, student, counsellor, friend, worker, doctor, neighbour, etc. that He requires of you and created your existence to satisfy.  And only God can provide the strength and wisdom to do this with the divine excellence for every encounter, circumstance, and interaction. 

    We are called to this life not to flex our own muscles and brag about what we can do, but to God glory and to "be strong in the Lord and the power of His might". Ephesians 6:10. 

    Many feel that they truly will never understand the greater mission/s of their life, but it is not a secret that is hidden away, but it isn't. For your mere existence makes you a missionary, and your mission is the very thing that resides within you and arises a level of passion and joy that no money or fame can provide for it is the priceless and fullness of you.

    Your mission is the dream you have dreamt while asleep and awake that you think are unreachable and impossible for you to make come to pass.  These are the very dreams that God awaits to make a reality in your life -  for your mission is possible. 

    Your mission is possible should you choose to accept it by faithfully walking in faith in the Spirit of Almighty God. For with the divine intervention and presence of God you can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you to execute it with the level of excellence, perfection and great success that He destined you for and that brings God glory (Philippians4:13).

    God is the One who prepares you and works in and through you for His will to come to pass, and He is the only one who holds the divine blueprint for your life and can provide the grace to fulfill it. 


    Your mission is possible - choose to accept it. 


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