Choose Happiness.

    Happiness will never be a location, job, or the result of a social media like or post, as it is nothing external to you but is the outcome of how you chose to think and the energy you radiate.

    Happiness is the gift you give yourself or refuse to.

    Happiness is a personal choice that one makes. A state of being and mindset in how one perceives and receives things, people and situations and interacts with them.

    Happiness is rooted in perspective, outlook and one's choice to express themselves and engage in and with the world around them.

    Too many people are waiting in vain for the next person, job, address, cosmetic surgery, vacation and superficial material and external thing to bring about something that only their inner man can release in them and through them. 

    Happiness is not a permanent fixture or landing place but a moment by moment intentional  and personal decision.

    Your happiness is not dictated by another person, your circumstances, the money in your bank account or the weather outside. You are the only one who can create and control your happiness.

    You are the only one who can agree to be happy and to make yourself happy. 

    It's your choice;

    choose to be happy.





    originally published July 2019


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