Be Intentional.

    Be intentional in all you do for even the clutter in your life may seem harmless, but it's not. I came to this realization as I began the daunting task of cleaning out my closet.  

    I stored at least a hundred pieces of clothing in my closet that hadn't been worn in years. This included outdated items, and styles and trends that no longer represented me. And there were even new items (with price tags still on them) shoved to the back of the closet and forgotten about. And of course there were the pieces of clothing that no longer fit from a size perspective, but that more importantly I had outgrown based on the past time and place they were previously worn in and purposed for. So why was I still storing these things and allowing them to occupy my space? 

    The season for many items had long expired, and yet I was trying to resurrect things that no longer had purpose or life.

    We must be willing to release the things that do not serve us or they begin to hinder us.

    Some things hadn't been worn in years but were very expensive (and were in mint condition) so keeping them seemed justified for the possibility of wearing them again in the future. But deep down I knew they needed to go, as these items revealed a "what if" mindset and a dependancy on picking up and traveling with things meant to be left in the past. 

    Decluttering my closet was an invitation to assess my thinking and beliefs beyond what was in my closet. I began to examine what I chose to surround and occupy my life with; where I place my focus; what I expect from my future and believe it offers; and what resources are readily available to me that I often overlook and allow to go to waste.  

    Was I seriously trying to live life walking backward and not fully engaging in the present? Did I have such little faith that I didn't trust or expect my present and future to be abundantly equipped and provide the required resources in the perfect form at the correct time for my walk in life? I knew better than this so it was time for me to start doing better, by packing up and removing the useless things of the past to offer myself to my present and future to receive their blessings. 


    I would no longer allow my past to invade and tarnish my future. 

    I evaluated where else in my life that I had clenched on to thoughts and things of the past. I was determined to release all of this to begin walking through life lighter and in a new way. 

    And to ensure I didn't return to this place, I had to understand how I got here in the first place. 

    Why did I hang onto all these old things? Did I hold such little ambition for my future that I would clutter it with thoughts and things from my past? Was I not able to perceive, receive and embrace what was before me? Did I hang onto all the beautiful and expensive items because I felt they represented my value through the hard work that went into buying them, or did an overflowing closet represent a sense of fulfillment and a guarantee of what was? Perhaps a full closet gave the impression that there were no empty spaces, gaps or voids in my life (no lack)?

    I never thought that what was stored in my closet bore so much weight on my life.  For, it was only by letting go of the old that I freed up the space to be available for the "new and now". 

    But the choices we make behind closed doors are significant, and in many ways reflect the way we choose to respond and show up in many other areas and realms of our life. Even our smallest decisions are a result of a choice being made after giving some thought, and no thought is ever isolated but drawn from a mindset fed by a belief system connecting us and controlling how we navigate life.  

    Therefore, what we do in our closet matters as each item that we choose to place in it and space we give it directly correlates and influences how we think of ourselves and interact with life and the world around us. We must be intentional with what we choose to keep in our closet and do behind closed doors. 

    The clutter of yesterday overlooks and steals today's joy and blessings, and squeezes out the required space and clarity for tomorrow's vision. It's time to let go of the useless thoughts and things of the past to behold the freedom and newness of "now", and to fill our lives with the beauty available and only discovered in the uncertainty and unfamiliarity of the future. 

    I never thought that cleaning out a closet would take me on such a profound journey of self-reflection and consciousness, but it led me to a steadfast place of renewed faith and trust on my path where I now know for sure that I intend to always be intentional for -  "I will never leave my future to chance, but I will always take a chance on my future" (KP).  

    Risk it all - let go of the past to fully offer yourself to your present and future.  





    Sharlene says (Jul 19, 2019):

    very well written and thought provoking!

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